I have more than 30 years experience with computers over this time I have used a variety of operating systems including Linux, Windows and Apple Mac. I have written many computer programs in association with the research and development I have been involved in. This includes control software, data logging, database query's, data manipulation and interpretation and web development.

I have programming experience with a variety of languages including:- PHP, HTML, Lazarus (cross platform Delphi clone), Python/Tk, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, C++/Qt, BASIC and forth.

I believe that I have one major advantage over pure programmers in that I often understand the science involved in the project, so am better able to provide a usable solution.

I became interested in programming along with electronics at the end of the 1970's when as a teenager I was playing with new ideas in electronic music. My first project was a very simple synthesizer sequencer using a Jupiter Ace controlling a Transendent 2000 synthesizer which I built (and is still working). These days so much software is around to do this kind of thing, but back then unless you were rich or Jean Michel Jarre you did not have access to sequencers etc.

Projects have included :-

This is a screen shot from a piece of software called Phi-Drive, it was designed to drive a cheap benchtop microwave plasma system. This program was written in Lazaraus that is an open source clone of Borland's Delphi programming language which is an object orientated version of PASCAL.

As one of my main interests over the years has been computer control I have also had to develop some of the signal conditioning electronics for projects I have been involved in. This is a prototype signal conditioning interface that I designed and built

This is an image showing a proof of concept program written in Jython to display the information from a UV spectrometer. It is clearly not a finished GUI

This program was written because the supplied software did not have a facility to change the sensitivity of the spectrometer which was essential for us as we were looking at variable and intense plasma sources. What we were supplied with was a set of drivers written in Java that allowed for much greater control of the spectrometers parameters over the manufacturers program.

This kind of application always starts with a proof of concept. It is not just about writing the software, you have to understand the whole process of data capture and communication. It is vital that the program can capture your data accurately and reliably. The nice GUI comes after, together with testing, testing testing!