Manda is a suite of programs that monitors and controls electrical generator functions. Initially the function of the programs was to monitor motor-generator outputs to aid their integration into a power grid for Jemelec Ltd. However, it can be used in any situation where electrical power monitoring is required.

Manda acquires data from a range of commercial power measuring and analysis hardware and displays it using well tried and trusted Linux based web server, or PC based dedicated program. The applications core is programmed in Python and whilst the output uses all the traditional web tools, that is HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. The output has been successfully tested on all the major web browsers.

Go to to view a live demonstration of this project.


Over the years one of the most annoying things I find about computers and data is finding the information I want. You put stuff in folders so you have it safe, but then when you want some information you completely forget you may have already got it and go search for it again. The solution is to use a database, but the problem with databases, especially on the web is that they tend to become bloated with features you will never use and the whole thing just gets slow.

I remember years ago using a simple but effective, if not very user-friendly piece of software that created a simple searchable record. With that kind of thing in mind and because one client wanted a simple to use easy accessible database I started to develop SciBase.

SciBase is an extremely simple web based database tool written mainly in PHP that has little overheads so it is quick. With a key you can login to it from anywhere in the world and is a good way to generate searchable content. I have used this for:-

  • Keep lab reports
  • A searchable database of scientific references
  • A searchable project record list/log
  • Below is an image of one version of SciBase being used to keep a quick search list of CSS commands. I use this as I have a terrible memory. I just search for the style effect I want and it returns examples and options.

Scibase web version written in PHP

Scibase desktop version written in C++ Qt

O.K. So there are many tools out there that do this, so why do I bother? Simple, I wanted something that worked for me in the real world. I wanted it to be usable, flexible and stand alone. I have versions that allow me to create a searchable record for academic reference with links to the the source, this kind of thing is essential for researchers.

This program is very much in development in my spare time, but if the interest is there I will make it available for download for a small donation.

This program was written as a response to a particular problem, if you have a problem that you think requires a programming solution please contact me to discuss the possibilities.


This program was originally developed for a company I was working for that was looking for analysis techniques for Bio-diesel. I was then asked to develop a version for the plethora of old HPLC units out there that are not computer controlled. The program collects data from analogue output of the HPLC that would normally go to a chart recorder.


  • Crossplatform working on both Windows and Linux.
  • Is able start logging a run from a sample injection signal.
  • Uses a simple USB plugin ADC interface
  • Has some integration capability

The program in written in Lazarus and is currently being updated for use with the windows 10 and the latest versions of Linux.