My name is Dr. Simon Batty I have been a scientist for most of my life. If asked I liken myself to those Victorian scientist of the 19th century in that my scientific knowledge is not limited to one area of science. I have a degree in Chemistry and Ph.D. in Physics, my area of specialty was smart electronic materials. After moving to Norfolk in 1996 to setup the 'Fieldview Astonomy Center' I became involved in other aspects of science, principally Environmental science and Plasma Science.

As part of the wide range of research I have been involved with over the years and my interest in electronic music since I was a teenager, I have had to also become a programmer with some knowledge of electronics and electo-mechanics. I seriously started programming back in the 1980's when I needed to write programs for controlling test equipment, I also needed to design and construct some of the interface electronics for my projects.

I moved to Norfolk in 1996 to set up the Fieldview Astronomy Center. Even back then I realised that the INTERNET was going to become important and when in the November of that year one of my first jobs was to put together a website to advertise our business.

Since then I have put together a number of websites and given advice not only on web design but hosting and domain name options.