Web Development

I have been involved with developing websites since 1996, I use a variety of tools to get the desired result, I code in both HTML and PHP. If you are after a simple website that you can then modify yourself then I can setup a Wordpress site and show you how to administer it. But if you would like a bespoke website I use the Bootstrap 3 framework to create responsive websites.

IT Administration.

I started using Linux in 2000 since then I have taught myself a variety of aspects of the OS for example experience of setting up Apache2 and Samba servers, installing LAMP, command line experience (BASH).

IT administration has been part of my work since 2004. Cpanel is my preferred remote administration tool.

I can help you buy your domain and hosting package and then get up and running including creating and managing email accounts. I always insist that you have control over you website, so new domains will always be registered in you or your company's name.

Below are some of the websites I have contributed to:

Most of these sites are as they should be, works in progress, either by myself or the client.

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